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26a Kleinplasie, Hibiscus Street, Gordon’s Bay, 7140.

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084 432 7086


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our National Network of Certified Property Inspectors.

We would like to welcome you to our network, where you can benefit from running your own business under cover of our national coverage and broad based marketing efforts.

who we are

iKaya Home Inspections is a registered company, iKhaya Home Inspections (Pty)Ltd. Our registration number is 2021/648680/07. The company was established by Christiaan de Klerk who is also an InterNACHI® Certified Property Inspector. iKhaya Home Inspections is an independent property inspection company, who subscribes to the
InterNACHI® Standards of Practice and abides by its Code of Conduct

our vision

To offer a professional property inspection service to all current and future homeowners, from all
socio-economic spheres and all geographic areas within the boundaries of South Africa.

our mission

We are determined to become the preferred home inspection company in South Africa by creating a network of like-minded professional property inspectors who are always unbiased, timeous, diligent, effective, trustworthy and professional in all endeavors, to the benefit of our clients, our network members and the company as a whole.


 The new Property Practitioners Act 22 of 2019, states that a seller must provide a mandatory disclosure of all patent defects of the property, and no property practitioner (read Estate Agent) may accept a mandate from a seller without first obtaining this mandatory disclosure from a seller.

Sellers (including their agent who sells on their behalf) could be held liable for any damages/defects discovered during the first three years after transfer has been affected. A comprehensive property inspection will safeguard them against potential claims for undisclosed defects.

Buyers will benefit from knowing exactly what they are buying, giving them peace of mind to make an informed decision about what could be the biggest investment of their lifetime.

Property inspections clearly offer benefits to sellers, buyers and property practitioners.


  • Being an iKhaya Home Inspections Network member, offers the following benefits:
  •  You own your own business which you run for your own financial gain;
  •  You benefit from our national coverage and marketing campaigns. We’ll assist you with
    setting up your own marketing campaigns aimed at a specific audience you may wish to
  • We’ll show you how to become a Certified Property Inspector within the shortest possible
    time, by completing the online InterNACHI® Home Inspector’s course;
  • We’ll give you the right to use our logo’s, branding, marketing material and even our software,
    all of which remains our intellectual property which may not be passed on to any other party
    without our express permission;
  • We’ll assist you in setting up your business and your business plan;
  • We’ll keep you up to date and informed about all aspects of legal issues relating to the
    property inspections industry;
  • We’ll help you by attending your first two inspections to show you how it is done and also
    how to compile the report;
  • We don’t restrict you to any specific area, although we may limit the number of members who
    are accepted in any specific area. For example, if you live in Centurion, you may also work in
    any other area where you receive business from, but we will not accept more than three
    members who live in Centurion.
  • We’ll have regular online video meetings whereby all members can share ideas and
    information in order to learn from each other and make sure we use best practices to the
    benefit of all;
  •  You’ll be part of a great network, where everybody works together to the benefit of all.


To be a property inspector, means working face to face with the general public and other property
professionals. It is thus understandable that you need to be well presented at all times. You are the
face of iKhaya Home Inspections in the eyes of the public and it is essential that you always portray a
good image of your own professional self and of the company whom you are representing. Apart
from this, you will need the following:


  • A Laptop, I-Pad or PC with Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF;
  • A printer, preferably Colour but Black &White will also do;
  •  A good, reliable internet connection;
  •  A Smartphone with good camera (or a good digital camera);
  •  A vehicle in good condition;
  •  A stepladder that will fit into or onto your vehicle;
  •  Good physical and mental health;
  • A commitment to hard work and a desire to be successful.
  • A clean criminal record


InterNACHI® is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and recognized as the
world leading authority operating in 38 different countries worldwide.

They are the only organization
whose certification is recognized in South Africa and their certification is a pre-requisite for anyone
who wishes to be a Certified Property Inspector. Without their certification, you cannot call yourself a
professional property inspector.




  We at iKHAYA HOME INSPECTIONS would really love to have you as part of our national network of
certified home inspectors. We are committed to helping you become successful as this is the only
way that we can grow to become the biggest and preferred property inspection business in South

We offer the lowest joining fees and the lowest monthly support fees in the industry. There are other
companies who promise your financial independence and paint pictures that make it look like an easy
industry to work in.

From experience, I can assure you that you will only be successful if you are
prepared to put in a lot of hard work. If you apply both your mind and your heart to the business, you
will be successful.

You can count on our support and assistance all the way. You will initially experience a lot of resistance from sellers in particular, since they see property inspectors as “Faultfinders” who give buyers a reason not to invest in the property. They need to be convinced that we don’t just look for defects, but offer totally unbiased inspections and reports,
showing the good and the bad, offering a report which can be used as a selling tool when the home is
in a generally good condition, as most homes are.

If you feel that you are ready to take the next step that will get you going on your path to a new career as
a Certified Property Inspector, you can apply by completing the form below.



 Want to join our network and become a certified home inspector please fill in the form.